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    1. AndyWry
      Thanks for leaving a comment on my page....I tried the M2M stuff and it didn't do anything for me. I sucked cock thinking it would be more than it turned out to be and the same went for receiving. I'd suck a cock again if it turned a woman on enough to give me some pussy, but a dick isn't something I look forward to. Maybe, that is what distinguishes me from a true cuckold. I don't mind being humiliated by female if she is willing to reciprocate in some way. Then again, it takes a certain amount of trust for a male to stick his cock into another man's mouth and unload on him. You, literally have him by the balls.

      What you are into sounds pretty cool! I'd like to meet a couple that is into the kind of things you and your wife are into.
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    Married male (I guess) 53 wife Sara is 51. This is a little about our life. In all aspects of our life I am in charge. I make the money, I decide where to go out to eat, I decide on vacation. She makes me be in charge in almost all our lives except SEX.
    She makes all the decision and ever since our second anniversary she has taken charge and humiliated me about it. She decides on who she is going to fuck and when and if I get to watch or just hear about it. She always tells me she only fucks men with big cocks. When we are having sex she will be riding on top of me saying " GOD! your dick is small, I can hardly feel it" and say she wished she was getting fucked by one of her boyfriends. It is so humiliating but I get so aroused by it.

    Hiking, camping, cuckolding.