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Real genuine cuckold cpl

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Apr 28, 2014
    1. irishsub
      Hi kinkyirishcpl,
      my wife and I have only recently been awakened to the pleasures of domination/submissiveness and it turns us both on immeasurably, she insists that I call her mistress and she refers to me now as "bitch" which I readily accept.
      I loved reading your story and admire a dominant Mistress such as yourself and my Mistress and I would love as would my wife/mistress if you were to be able to share experiences among each other and open her mind to the pleasures awaiting a true Domme Mistress,
      submissivly yours
      irishsub x
    2. JakeStephens
      Hi from Dublin. Like the pics. Don't be a stranger.
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    3. kinkyirishcpl
      As our name suggests we are an Irish couple, and yes rather Kinky (we think at least). We love latex, bondage, and all that, and recently began to xplore the cuckolding lifestyle. Seeing that we are into the kinky side of things we'll call ourselves M & c, M for Mistress and c for cucky

      c is 35, M is 30 and always horny. We have been happily married for 7 years now with the one exception, sex was very satisfying for c and highly unsatisfying for M. Before marriage we never had a sexual encounter with others and didn't know what we were missing. Then one day after six years of marriage, I finally plucked up the courage and had a real man satisfy me. It blew my mind...

      c was always very submissive so it was easy to convince him to become my cuckolded. He did have one wish, that I chastise, tease and deny him!!!! I didn't have to be asked twice, would you if you were in my position?

      c loves being locked up, and I get so wet and horny keeping him that way! I get to have a hot stud take me to organism after organism, something that c never could do for me. At the same time I know that c is getting to share in my pleasure as he hears my moans of ecstasy.....

      I never dreamed that c would librate and encourage me to xplore my deepest sexual fantasies and desires. I wish he could satisfy me , but he can't, god knows he's tried hard enough and had enough opportunities. For true satisfaction I'll keep him as my chastised, cuckolded slave.
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