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Mar 4, 2021
    1. verkitwme
      Haven't been here in a long time due to prompts that say webpage isn't working......I play around and see various things but the forums are gone.
      I enjoyed this site sorry it's gone.
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      2. slutplay
        I found the same thing - some pages aren't available.
        Jul 5, 2021
    2. getmorebrandon
      I have the feeling the owners, staff, are all gone. People dont live forever and sad part is, I would like to keep it going. I am web programmer so I do this all the time. Tried contacting people to get more info to help or create new/transfer over, anything to save many, many long years of contributions. Domain expires in little over 1 year.
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    3. Darkneum
      Hi there are a lot of bugs and we have a error 500 when we try to open the homepage of the forum :(. Is it normal ?
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      2. slutplay
        I can't open the home page either. Fortunately I had saved a post which I liked so can reach some, but not all, pages.
        Dec 7, 2020
    4. don_jetman

      If you're still there, I'm trying to bring in some new members, but the sign up process is broken. Just trying to keep the site alive.

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    5. Kutapi
      Hi i would like to request a username change to Samneel
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    6. Topcat72m
      Hi. Can you change my username as I have a stalker who knows my forum username.
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      2. kingbull
        To what?
        Mar 8, 2019
      3. Topcat72m
        Mar 9, 2019
    7. oaf2015
      How does one get a copy of the manual? I appreciate your help.
      1. kingbull
        Manual is no longer in circulation.
        Mar 8, 2019
    8. Jayboy
      Hello, I am new in the Orlando area.
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    9. JayBuck
      Hi All;
      I am not sure I am into humiliation so much, but it is so hot to see my woman used and taken, She so gets into other men and their cocks, She does like to tease me and tell me they can take her how they want to and need to!!!
      I only get to do what she wants most times.
      Anyway one around the Mass--R.I. area? into this?
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      2. jaydenk9569
        Yes become more alpha. A lot of the humiliation and sissy shit is just for the porn genre and makes it taboo. In real life not many "cucks" that share are that weak. No offense and use of a better word.
        Sep 4, 2016
      3. jaydenk9569
        Big line between entertainment and reality. See guys post all the time "I wish that was my wife getting gangbanged" but in to real world those guys would choke to even see their wife suck off another man. My point is you don't have to submit to a role . Make your own.
        Sep 4, 2016
    10. tatasexy
      Hey how are you nice to have such a website ill hve to find someone to share a lots of things
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    11. fantasyman12
      hello im new....
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    12. Kyle1213
      Isn't it strange that I feel better and more true to myself by accepting who I am .I actually get along with a man who is sleeping with my wife and I have a better relationship with my wife because of it . I have never been an alpha male , but not for lack of trying . I used to hate who I was.

      Looking back I think my first experience with being aroused by humiliation was when I was 9 and I was forced to wear diapers for pissing in bed . I had plenty of warnings and even a few ass whipings with the belt for it . I distinctly remember being at the store when my mother causally tossed a pack of diapers in the basket . I tryied not to look at them , I could feel my older sister staring at me to gadge my reaction. Then in a hushed tone asked my mother "does he know yet"

      I felt my dick beginning to swell in my pants but I was able to hide it . That was until that night when after my shower I was called into the living room and told to drop my towel and lay down. I tried to cover my dick with both hands and when I wouldn't move then my mother had my sister pull my hands away and held my arms down. They both saw my erecrion and tried not to laugh .

      Wemon have been telling me or forcing me to accept things most of my life . I was loved or at least liked but I was never taken seriously buy people male or female . My relationships with other people were usually one sided with me accommodating them or being a tag along . Girls always thought I was sooo sweet , I got lots of hugs , and a few kisses but they did not disire me and I had few girl friends . when I would get a girlfriend I would lose them as soon as a better deal came around. Like a fool I always agreed to be there friend .

      I remember seeing Hickies on my ex girlfriends neck and imbedding finger nail marks into the palms of my hands looking at them . Remembering how she never allowed me to kiss her like that and getting a hard on.

      So later , I graduate and go into the military and request Infantry. NOBODY though I could make it and I was determined that I would be done with being a pussy for good . I would be an alpha male. No more "friends zone for me" I must have put on a convincing show because I met my first wife ...and she left me for another man .

      I can remember like it was yesterday the speech I got about how special I would always be to her but if I loved her I could accept that she could love two people , but in different ways. That worked just fine when I could still pretend that she was my wife and I would get her back . I doubled down my efforts suffering one slight after another . Like the pool party where she and her new boyfriend were wresting on the living room floor right in front of me. It was all fun and games right ...

      Then there was the Halloween party where they disappeared and people were watching me looking around for them. When I found them they were on the side of the house missing with his hand down "down my wife's pants" I was shaking but couldn't turn away . Again , like when I was a kid my dick got hard watching them . Later she left the party with him IN MY CAR because be was too drunk to drive . The next day this guy was driving my car and returned it to me on the base . I found my wife's panties in the back seat . I went to the bathroom and masterbated to it .

      From that point on I allowed my humiliation to turn sexual . It kept me sane as I watched thier relationship develop. My ex wife even asked me to be at her wedding ; to him . I must have beat offa dozen times that night before the wedding .

      Years later , now married again my starts seeing another man . I tell her everything and she has really taken to this arrangement. I've stopped doing the why ...

      So what do you think about all this Sir? Im a freak I know . lol
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      2. kingbull
        You should write about this in the public forums. More people would love to see it. It's a great story.
        Jun 1, 2016
    13. cuckoldnata
      cuckoldnata wife want to try with big cock guy.. you can?
    14. subbyhubby
      Just a quick note to tell you I get a thrill out of the commands that come up when I try to do something not allowed. I feel as if you are telling me what to do and that is exciting to me. Thanks again, so much!
    15. subbyhubby
      Hello Sir,
      I humbly write to you to thank you for a place to realize my desires to deliver and serve. I have always had this craving and you have given it a place to be opened up and examined by myself and many others. It feels good to open up to what is a fantasy to me, but still fills me up with joy and excitement. Thanks to you ,KingBull! I owe you my deepest gratitude.
    16. CollegeSchoolBoy
      delete this account please
    17. summ1962
      hola desde españa
    18. nabeel
      how can i remove my two posts ? plz answer ..... it's important
    19. Viktor666
      hi everyone ;-)
    20. alexander1
      Helloooo... greetings for uk
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