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    1. silvertiger
    2. rsmith81
      Just wanted to say hi to all
    3. boobsman
      Do you like my wife's big tits?
    4. monali2010roleplay
      hii 27 f india here for playing roleplays on hotwofe cuckold plots
    5. monali2010roleplay
    6. msslave
      Glad to hear from you and that you liked my comment on your post. Been so many years now since I last felt the inside of any pussy. Several years ago in Mexico, Mistress/Wife had a weak moment. I woke with a rare hard-on and asked if we could have sex and she agreed. By the time we got lubed I was soft. I was working at getting my "little thing" hard again, when in frustration she shouted, "Put it in you COCKSUCKER". She knew about my past glory hole experiences years before we met. As she called me a cocksucker I got just hard enough to slip it in her. I thing I only got in three strokes before I dribbled out my load and was soft and fell out. That was the last sex I had. Glad you're still allowed to share with her other men. Like your wife, mine loved large girth the best and told me how much her man pleased her. Be glad to here more from you in the future.
    7. vaman837
      Ref: "They fell in love. We began sharing her equally but over time he became jealous when she would spend time or have sex with me. It was hard for her to break up with him because she loved him. He just underestimated her love for me." I congratulate you for being able to keep her. I reached a similar point in my cuckolding relationship, loved my wife much, but lost her. My hat is off to you.
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