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    1. Drillher
      :rolleyes::rolleyes:I'm new here and am just looking the site over, picking a story here & there to read. My wife & I are not really into the "open sex marriage scene thing"! That's not to say that we're two prudes or anything like that, far from it! I should point with absolute honesty, my wife was a true virgin when we married. I know! I know! However it is a fact!

      Anyway, after almost ten years of marriage, and sharing my fantasy with her, I think from the moment we hit the sack on the first night of our honeymoon, LOL, I always fantasized about some black guy sticking it to a white girl. I never dreamed that I would ever see such an event in the flesh, let alone that the white girl getting the BBC would be my wife! (We have seen lots on skin flicks though) Anyway that's a story for another time and place and I'll post it on this site for your perusal and pleasure.
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