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  1. Willdliffe
    Willdliffe cuckhusband
    So sexy, I love your posts specially those about you falling for your your wife’s sister ex husband, SO HOT.... would you tell us more about your story with him?
  2. Wife4others
    Wife4others bluerubber
    Thanks for the follow
  3. sarah
    Lookin for a sexy white guy to flirt lyk crazy. let's xchange numbers.Email me: .Im 28 yrs old, 5'6 tall & fair skinned
  4. sarah
    Looking for a nice white guy to flirt like crazy :) im 28... 5'6 tall.. Fair skinned... And i would like to connet with some1.
  5. Wife4others
    Merry Xmas to everyone
  6. Wife4others
    Gangbang weekend. Wife and a special guest and 5 men. Should be fun Condom free. My friends will be humiliating me.
  7. Wife4others
    Wife4others ipospar
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  8. subhubjon
    subhubjon daddybugg
    Looks like your cock needs a couple of hands, I'm not from your area, but I sure love the looks of your cock.
  9. subhubjon
    subhubjon Roman7582
    Wow, what a great looking cock!
  10. Wife4others
    Anyone want to chat
  11. karambol07
    karambol07 sxycft
    skypede : diye eklersen sohbet edebiliriz.ismim murat antalyadayım.yaşım 46 evliyim eşimden gizliyim
  12. karambol07
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  13. Wife4others
    Another family cuckolding night
  14. Wife4others
    Matching chastities for me and my son. Great gift from my wifes bull.
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  15. Jimmy22
    Jimmy22 Worth It
    Chat to me, check messages
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    Wife4others xlove19
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  17. sxycft
    Our fantasies: swinger and cuckold... Contact us:
  18. sxycft
  19. gatorrdw
    gatorrdw Pathedick
    Pathedick, when I watched Abe fuck my wife, I must say that he impressed me as he had her squealing, moaning and her telling him to fuck her harder (I know that she is really into it when she does that), I watched them for some time before I finally had to go back upstairs or I would have cum in my pants without touching myself. GTR
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  20. gatorrdw
    gatorrdw Pathedick
    Did you read my post about her going on a sailboat with 3 young men and then meeting the one fellow's dad. I would have truly enjoyed seeing her with the dad. I did get to see her with the guy named Bob, he came by the house a few times. GTR
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    2. Pathedick
      What an experience that must have been for you to see your wife being fucked my such a Beautiful Cock.
      Sep 30, 2019
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    3. gatorrdw
      Bob was one of those black men that can hold off cumming until she would be asking/begging him to cum , he fucked her relentlessly every time he came over to the house. GTR
      Sep 30, 2019
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