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  1. Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson Kudalskies
    What video is your profile picture from?
    1. Kudalskies
      It is not from a video.
      May 23, 2017 at 8:05 PM
  2. blows
  3. blows
  4. blows
  5. MseekinghisF
    SWM seeking his loving Cuckoldress for a genuine LTR!
  6. Realgrownwhiteman
    Realgrownwhiteman Pat and Netti
    If you ever find yourself in Orlando give me a call
  7. M&R
    Married. New to cuckold lifestyle. Love it!
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  8. Dj2smoove
    So she met up with the guy yesterday and lied about it hmmmm not a good sign
  9. blows
    blows Denemeye
    iyi geceler...nasılsınız?
  10. Shambler
    Looking for a bull in McAllen, TX area. Not long term.
  11. Sissysubbobbi
    Dressed up and ready to serve my hotwife and her Bull
    1. guymackey
      Nice. Me too. A couple of months ago we met a 37 years old Taiwanese guy; nothing happened. Wife has taken a liking to him and has had a few chat sessions. He will be staying with us. Plus, I've invited one of my wife's regulars. Just got back from shopping. Also, got some really good weed. I think we'll have a lot of fun this weekend. :)
      May 20, 2017 at 1:18 AM
  12. WhiteBullll
    Just got paid 5,000 to impregnate this sissys wife lmao
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  13. Wife4others
    Wife4others CuckPride
    Thank you for the likes
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    2. CuckPride
      My pleasure.
      May 16, 2017
  14. WhiteBullll
    Hit me up to be dominated by a real alpha
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  15. blows
    blows curiouscouplevt
    very hot body..
  16. ryanbbc
    ryanbbc verkitwme
    Hi there, lovely pic
  17. ryanbbc
    ryanbbc Slutwifelina
    Very sexy lina, i am yet to visit canada and would love to meet up with you guys
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  18. Rabbit
    Rabbit curiouscouplevt
    Nice legs, ass and heels.
  19. Rabbit
    Rabbit kort6776
    sexy looking wife.
  20. Wife4others
    Hello to everyody
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