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  1. msz77
    msz77 verkitwme
    Great avatar. so hot
    1. verkitwme
      Thanks !
      Jan 20, 2019 at 12:53 PM
  2. Donald_Cuck
    Donald_Cuck Rulf
    That is such a thick beautiful cock. Want Agness to give herself to such a man.
  3. elitetx91
  4. shavenadrian
    Looking for small penis humiliation in or near to Nottingham UK. Forced to compare my penis with others is what I like.
  5. gatorrdw
    gatorrdw hankhavelock
    Thanks for the like on the new years eve post. I don't know how many times she started the new years on the receiving end of another man's cock, quite often it was black, as was her very first just 6 months after we were married. GTR
    1. hankhavelock
      You're very welcome, and it sounds so beautiful. I hope she keeps cucking you thoroughly - once a cuck there's no return. It's where we belong - the more the merrier.
      Jan 15, 2019 at 9:02 AM
  6. gaycuckold
    Husband has met someone he REALLY likes. They're going on a 3rd date on Monday so lets hope it becomes an affair!
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  7. penischocolat2000
    penischocolat2000 slave2131
    hi happy day nice profile sent u in priv
  8. penischocolat2000
    voyeurism.exposing.masturbation.cium ... skype. penischocolat* = brown2000
  9. Wife4others
    Merry Xmas to everyone
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  10. wishfulcuckold
    Learning a lot from other members !
  11. dominatrixNY
    I will be back in Manhattan, New York , your femdom, Mistress for cuckold session . Arrange to see me for January , 2019
  12. Wife4others
    Wife4others wishfulcuckold
    Thanks for the follow
  13. wishfulcuckold
    More and more curious about the taste of a creampie !
  14. Wife4others
    My wife and I are happy. Baby is healthy. Wife is healthy. Our 3 oldest are happy with their little brother.
  15. ForHerPleasure
    ForHerPleasure penischocolat2000
    Thanks for following
  16. he0z2z
    Looking to share our experience with other people, including pictures, videos, stories. Let us know.
  17. xlove19
    xlove19 JerusalemBull
    good to hear from you. how many Muslim couples you cuckolded
  18. johngordon
    New BULL here taking over this account
  19. dominatrixNY
    I am still in London than Luxembourg for my cuckold session than i will be back in Manhattan, New York. Your femdom, Mistress, Domina