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  1. Lilyan
    Upset the way my Husband responded very negative to the news that I let my bf borrow his sports car compared not blinking when he borrow me
  2. ehesaurenate
    suche immer harte schwänze, die bilder meiner ehefut vollspritzen (54, keine face pics). videos vom abspritzen sind sehr willkommen....
  3. MiamiMark
  4. MsDominique1000
    MsDominique1000 Mistressslave
    Still mine regardless... xxx
  5. Lilyan
    I car cuckolded my husband by lending out his favorite sports car to my boyfiend.
  6. plen ium
    plen ium
    Attached with permission FWB for cuckold couples. DMV. Helping newbies figure it out.Patient. Loves new friends. No pressure.
  7. plen ium
    plen ium bwmd2761
    Hi there. What are u guys looking for ?
    Are u on kik? Want to trade pics and chat a bit?
  8. Toson
    Toson cuhusamibi
    Hi. Great posts, all of them!
  9. Tammyhotwife
    Love chatting on the phone about it as well if anyone is interested!
  10. Tammyhotwife
    Hello i am a 37 married white male who luvs the idea of sharing my beautiful curvy sexy dirty blonde wife with BBC
  11. xlove19
    xlove19 Jzzheart
    Nice Jzzheart
    nice to see an indian cuckolding a Pakistani couple.
    I am a Pakistani wanabe cuckold who is trying and encouraging his wife. once on my encouragement she sent her nude pic to her indian Facebook friend. but after his dirty comments like Lund khara ho giya dekh ker she got angry and stopped sending pics. still trying to get her back on track
  12. Rulf
    Rulf michael1987
    ..........................................................................................Looking for friend live close to Coconut Creek - South Florida
  13. waynerobertson
    waynerobertson Swith
    I liked your posts and really liked the pic of your wife. I'd def like to meet her and see what happens.
  14. just me
    just me
    Still looking for that "hotwife" to send back to her husband freshly satisfied and needing cleaned up
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  15. gatorrdw
    gatorrdw nihat yener
    Have you had any married, white pussy with that fat cock? GTR
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  16. erk1977
    41 years old Turkish Bull from istanbul... I want to be you Turkish Sultan
    Need a bull 18 to 45 today wife is ready now
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  18. CuckSteve
    Married but not cucked. (She won’t do it).
  19. dominatrixNY
    Perfect weather to fo bull hunting with m Sub , Manhattan has some great Roof top bars - packed with hot and sexy guys... Love it...
  20. MsDominique1000
    MsDominique1000 Mistressslave
    Welcome home My Bad Boy. Your Mistress had an enjoyable time while you were away... xxx