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  1. FormaCUKnowFAG
    I'm so ready to take cock
  2. Jessie N woody
    Jessie N woody
    We are a married couple, into femdom and looking to explore the hotwife lifestyle
  3. Cuck216
    Looking for like-minded men and women
  4. Tony Angela
    Tony Angela
    I haven't even eaten my first fresh load yet, but I really enjoy the taste of other men's cum. Looking forward to communication and advice.
  5. Tony Angela
    Tony Angela
    I still haven't had the courage to be present while my wife gets fucked, I've just been a jerkoff alone but hopefully that will change soon!
  6. Tony Angela
    Tony Angela
    Hello everybody! I'm Tony and I'm a new cuckold.
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  7. splitbeard
    Cuck Curious... wife is on the fence, but I have patience!
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  8. Wife4others
    Wife is late. Might be baby number 4 for us. First from another man.
  9. nihat yener
    nihat yener
    you can add me in; skype: nihatyener1903, kik: nihatyener
  10. nihat yener
    nihat yener
    you can add me in skyp: nihatyener1903
  11. nihat yener
    nihat yener westsoyuz
    you have amazing girl
  12. nihat yener
    nihat yener Baddav
    i would love to fuck her very hard, she has wonderfull ass
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    2. Baddav
      Wow , id love to see u deep inside her
      Mar 20, 2018 at 8:02 PM
  13. Muffin Monster
    Muffin Monster Mike&Shell
    I'm interested in her gorgeous body if you are looking to share with a new mate.
  14. slewis68
    love showing off and sharing
  15. Ville
  16. wetoofun
    Life is too short!
  17. cucky1954
    Today is5yrs in cock cage.she said it was permanent..looks like it is
  18. Share4fun
    Share4fun diana56
    I would love to feel your pussy with my cock
  19. dominatrixNY
    Apply to be my sub in Manhattan, New York.
  20. mmandjc
    Married Cuckold