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  1. PAhotwife4u
    on the hunt for hung bulls to play with.
  2. just me
    just me
    Ne Philadelphia white bull
  3. PAhotwife4u
    35/45 mf cpl shes into other men true cuckold relationship..into showing off and playing in public and coming home dirty.
  4. verkitwme
    Please don't email me asking for location or single men asking if I want to chat.
  5. Transporterbullnyc3015
    Available .... would love to find a steady one .... but just time could tell ... and also chemistry...
  6. Whitecocolate
    Whitecocolate hotsaiman
    Meldet euch doch mal via Kik bei mir
    Meine Addy whitecocolate69
  7. hankhavelock
    hankhavelock Pathedick
    I do agree totally with bricbat - and certainly with you too, mon ami, Pathedick. As posters within this highly charged and honest topic we really like - need - appreciation from fellow posters whom we know can relate to what we're saying. So let's all keep up hitting that Like-button.
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  8. James Wilkinson
    James Wilkinson
    I have wanted to be a bull for a year now anyone know how to help me out?
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  9. myfantasy
    married looking for a couple to act out fantasy with me: sometimes the bull, sometimes the cuck. Denver area
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  10. davej7979
    Inadvertent male cuck whose wife cheated on me multiple times while I was deployed in the Navy.
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  11. vicky2
    vicky2 swapcouple11
    let us meet some time where r u from
  12. Zappa
    Zappa Cuckcpl17
    I would be happy to review any photos you would like to send.
  13. Zappa
    Just looking around. Drop me a note if you are a slender women or couple who likes to travel.
  14. tslave
    wife's bf is doing her right now. doesn't get the chance very often anymore but seems to be taking good care of her now.
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  15. belalang_sembah
    belalang_sembah harlotandhubby
    Is that your wife? She has nice racks..
  16. Latincuckcouple
    Latincuckcouple silvertiger
    Thanks for following
  17. bricbat
    bricbat Pathedick
    Dude! Thanks for all the likes! That's an unbeatable record for my posts!
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    2. Pathedick
      Yeah I have read your recent Thread posts and now going back to beginning. It'll take a while.
      Oct 19, 2017
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    3. Pathedick
      Also always wondered about people's apparent aversion to clicking the Like button on this site. Even had discussionsome with saturn over a year ago about it.
      Oct 19, 2017
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  18. sbcplseeking
    sbcplseeking AsianWifeCuckHusband
    I have a a Chinese wife as well! Good to see others on here. Good luck!
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    2. AsianWifeCuckHusband
      Where u guys from ?
      Oct 18, 2017
    3. sbcplseeking
      Los Angeles, Ca. Yourselves?
      Oct 21, 2017
  19. elitetx91
    elitetx91 jasshotwife
    Welcome ;)
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  20. k.w.
    k.w. matureanne uk
    Dam you are hot. ineed. Some more pics to j.o. to and ill send you some of me doin it