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  1. candice4wht
  2. Oracle101
    My wife is thinking of joining this site.
  3. WittolWannabe
    I've told my girlfriend about her panties being tossed in my face and she chuckles about it because she likes the idea too
  4. rob788
    rob788 candice4wht
  5. rob788
    rob788 candice4wht
    Hi Candice. I don't think many here are fakes, but because they're spread all over the U.S., it would be difficult to find friends here. My wife had better luck checking online ads. The online ads she used were Craigslist, Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder ( Since then, though, most she has met have just been guys through day to day life or at lounges. Even met one at a movie theater.
  6. manelo75
    Dom Bull looking for a Hotwife/Cuck couple, anywhere in the Eastern Mediterranean region
    1. candice4wht
      Not in europe but would love to talk if u like
      Mar 22, 2017 at 1:30 PM
  7. manelo75
    Dom Bull looking for a Hotwife/Cuck couple in the Mediterranean region
  8. candice4wht
    Where my cuck at? Nobody wants me?
  9. candice4wht
    Sexy black lady looking for a white cuck
  10. WittolWannabe
    Then they could both laugh at me while they begin to have sex while I just watch.
  11. WittolWannabe
    Thinking about the fantasy of having another man take my girlfriends panties off her and throwing them in my face.
    1. Dan C
      Dan C
      And then perhaps making you put them on and watch them!
      Mar 22, 2017 at 12:17 PM
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  12. rob788
    rob788 FuckMygirlWhileIfuckYours
    Sounds like a plan. We tried swinging a couple of times, although I since decided I preferred to be a watcher.
  13. rob788
    rob788 Jen9
    We loved your pics. Thank you. We have revealed a lot in our postings, so we hope you entertain us with some of your adventures.
  14. rob788
    rob788 CuckPride
    Impressive photo. Where are you from?
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    2. CuckPride
      Thank you. I'm located in the Greater Toronto Area.
      Mar 21, 2017 at 5:37 PM
  15. rob788
    rob788 takeoff
    Interracial looks like fun. We only know one African-American. She had an encounter once at his place and I didn't have the opportunity to watch. We wrote it up here. They should have made a great pic had I been there.
  16. rob788
    rob788 chootdas
    Great pic! I had wished to post a pic of her with one of her fuck-buddies, but the few we have show the faces of both. She had a problem with that. We need one similar to yours. I suggested cropping them, but she only agreed to one, which we did post once.
  17. rob788
    rob788 Scott_mwm_29
    You're a great looking couple!
  18. rob788
    rob788 Myasianbabe
    With a wife like that, you should have no problem. We hope she's game.
    ~ Rob and Jean
  19. rob788
  20. rob788
    rob788 SexyCarrie
    We enjoyed your online story, Carrie. Jean says your imagination would have been a great start for us, had she thought of it first. I'm an editor and think your grammar is fine.

    We have posted our most memorable experiences over the past two years here. We decided to write those to let others know they aren't alone. We wish you the best of fortune in convincing your husband.