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  1. Michalis
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  3. Foster1987
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  5. chocolatdick
    chocolatdick curious_cuck19
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    Herb hicks
    I’m here looking for advise. I have to me which seems to be a very good of bad situation
  13. cuhusamibi
    cuhusamibi White5andahalf
    Hi, i'm cuhusamibi. I wrote here again after two years. i have a long journal here. your wife is asian. mine is Korean. i'll read more of your posts. I used to come here almost every day in the beginning of our cuckolding life.
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  14. TittyBarred
    TittyBarred BoobyGirl
    BoobyGirl. Super nice set of titties you have there as your profile pic. My Wife would never allow me to do anything other then look at them, so thank you for the pleasure Ma'am.
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  15. White5andahalf
    White5andahalf goddess ebony
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  16. goddess ebony
    goddess ebony
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  17. pussyhunter230
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  18. eroscenter
  19. samrin
    samrin wellsaid
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  20. verkitwme
    verkitwme kingbull
    Haven't been here in a long time due to prompts that say webpage isn't working......I play around and see various things but the forums are gone.
    I enjoyed this site sorry it's gone.
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    2. slutplay
      I found the same thing - some pages aren't available.
      Jul 5, 2021