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  1. bullman4us
    bullman4us Scott_mwm_29
    Pleased to follow. I travel the country regularly and would love to meet up with you both.
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  2. Scott_mwm_29
    Scott_mwm_29 bullman4us
    Thanks for the follow!
  3. Curious69
    Curious about the lifestyle.
  4. Blackbull420
    Any friends in New York?
  5. jwolf96
    My wife is walking around the house with her huge jugs hanging out, bouncing and swinging. Subtle way of saying she wants some cock!
  6. Blueboy2010
    Would love to swap pics with other husband/bf of there women
  7. Lambo56
    Lambo56 MInx3000
    Beautiful little body ;)
  8. aloneandneeding
    aloneandneeding Proud_husband
    She could never cheat on me! I would give her a free pass and I certainly would make it clear to her I want whatever makes her happy..
  9. secretantidote
  10. ShesYours2017
    South Shore MA
  11. canadianwittol
    canadianwittol UnicornBull
    I see you're a fellow Canadian...I'm in Vancouver, where are you from?
    1. UnicornBull
      I am in Victoria.
      Jan 10, 2017
  12. NJMR01
    NJMR01 SexyCarrie
    Hi SexyCarrie - your name suits you well.
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    2. bullman4us
      So good to be connected with you. Where are you located?
      Jan 15, 2017 at 1:56 PM
  13. themannextdoor
    Hot, adventurous couple looking for certain experiences in 2017. Let's make it happen!
  14. mike6930
    Wife is 55. Short,chuncky,38d, shaved
  15. birichou
    New here. Interested in the whole cuckold theme. Excited to talk about :)
  16. softree
    softree beckhamaung
    HI Glad you like the look of my wife. Anything in particular you like about her?
  17. Dan C
    Dan C mike6930
    Tell us about your wife, please.
  18. Yoursexypanties
    Search for our next guy is in full swing. We met a guy a couple nights ago and are meeting another guy this weekend! Fingers crossed........
    1. DeannaHouston
      Woot Woot! I can't wait, I hope he is delicious.
      Jan 7, 2017
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  19. mike6930
    60 yo. Mwm like reading stories, have fantasys of wife and another gentleman
  20. tractorman
    I am a cuckold hubby who enjoys my wife taking her pleasures from the occasional other man, when the opportunity arises we like to be kinky