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Thread: The Journey...

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    Default The Journey...

    The years of our very special relationship have seen it's fair share of up and downs. From the day Liz nervously asked me if I was willing to do it, to the first penetration, we have seen the highs and lows of this lifestyle. The first time I grabbed her tiny hips and slid my large cock into her, the loss of breath, the eye roll, the lip bite, her orgasm- all things I could never forget. I went from not knowing what cuckolding is, to reading forums to try and understand our cuck and his needs.

    We progressed, and grew as people... We grew together. You have all read my posts sharing some of the most intimate moments of our lives. Parts of our lives that we have virtually shared with no one. No one, expect our internet family who has provided support, encouragement, new ideas and advice. Yet there were parts that were left out- maybe I thought they were irrelevent, or sometimes just too personal.

    Much of Mike and I's relationship has been left out. Despite what some would think, we grew even closer. This whole experience just gave us another bond. Something that we have both discussed- would never end. He's even stated that in the case Liz wants to end up with me, things between him and I would never change, and I have no reason to doubt that. Mike has experienced the roller coaster in ways that both Liz and I couldn't imagine.

    For Mike, there has been highs of highs, and lows of lows. At the lows, we have seen him a crying emotional mess and the relationship had to temporarily cease. But these were the lows. More times then not, he's been satisfied in ways that most on here would be jealous off. A hot wife, whose creativity has driven this relationship. His situation is one that most cucks would be jealous of. He will even say, that when he keeps his jealousy and emotions under check, this journey has been something he would never change.

    I hate cliches, but what we have embarked on is a journey. I've seen Liz grow into this confident and powerful woman. A woman who knows what she needs and wants, and has mastered the female grace. I don't know what it is. Maybe it is just having another man confirm her beauty. Maybe it is the extra attention. In reality, this is who she always was- she just needed to come out of her shell. She truly is a beautiful woman - and i'm not just talking about physical appearance.

    And like all things of life, change happens -either forced or by choice. Liz's sis came in for the weekend. I took the girls out for dinner, and Mike didn't want to join us. As we came back, I opened the door and walked in on Mike. He didn't hear us pull up (Or maybe he did). He attempted to leave the room. But he didn't get out before being spotted. Quick thinking on my part - partially saved him. I grabbed the laptop and closed it. But her sister still spotted him. Then again, that big white ass in pink panties would be hard not to spot.....

    As I closed the laptop, I saw the look on Liz's face. She knew what he was doing. I could tell that it would soon be world war 3, and I was correct. It was a look of horror, and . Those few moments I've seen her cry... it was one of those looks. After an awkward moment of silence, I broke the silence by asking her sister if she wanted to go check out my house renovations. In her grace, whilst trying to difuse the situation, she gladly acccepted and smiled as if nothing happened. But her initial look of what the fuck told the story.

    It was a quiet drive. You could tell both of us didn't know what to say. I broke the silence by talking about my renovations, asking her about her life, etc. I got a call from Liz asking if Mike could crash at my place.

    I ended up dropping her back off at Liz's. And Mike came and crashed at mine. He was sick to his stomach. He knew he had fucked up... Big time. It had always been a long running joke that he could no longer drink beer. We spent the night in my hot tub, and pool, drinking beer. It was back like we were in college again. Drinking to get drunk. We both knew things were going to change.

    He got a text from Liz telling him that she told everything. It was an intense moment for Mike. We had always talked about "Outting" our relationship. I never thought it would happen. It was the first time in ages I've seen him react like that. He shook and his hands trembled.

    Later, after Her Sister had left, we sat down and had a long discussion. Liz cried. Mike teared up as well. Instead of the Bull... I was once again the Pillar in which they could lean on. Even in my wreckless days, I had always been the guy for them both. That was the role I played.

    Liz said she tried to make an excuse, but couldn't lie to her sister. She broke down and started crying when she admitted how liberating it was. In an odd way, I imagine it was probably akin to coming out of the closet.

    It was decided that we will begin to move towards making our situation more open. But lots of questions arise. How will Mike handle it? How will he be looked at? Will Liz be viewed as a slut? How will they look at me, knowing I am fucking my best friends wife? All real questions we may face in the near future.

    I ended up taking a trip for business. It was just really an excuse to get away. To allow them to have some time. So I guess this is where our lives are going. This is the new chapter. This is it.

    Many thanks in advance for any support. Everyone has been great so far. We have enjoyed the private messages and the support we have recieved this far.

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