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    Default Story: Family cuckold

    Older attractive women are always hot topics for
    teenage boys, and Gary Darnell and his friends were
    certainly not exceptions. That the hot bodies were
    mothers, even their own, didn’t matter, if anything, it
    only served to fuel their fires of fantasy. Ever seen
    her naked? Seen her pussy? Does she trim
    it? Would you
    fuck her if she would let you? When the boys got
    together the questions were always the same, varying
    only in where they fell in the conversation. Answers
    varied due to the personality of each boy. Gary’s
    answers never wavered; they were always the same: Yes;
    Yes; A little bit; Oh, Yeah!

    Without exception, if there were a way for the
    youngsters to bury the bone between the moms’ legs
    without attracting the attention of their fathers,
    these young wanna-be studs would never hesitate. Even
    Franklin, Gary’s chubby friend, continually pined with
    desire for his also short, stout but sweet mother, Mary
    Lou. But it was Kim, Gary’s mother that always seemed
    to garner the most admiration and lusty comments from
    the boys.

    Fathers were not excluded from their discussions
    either. How often does the old man crack that pussy? Is
    he doing it any good? Has he come to
    the place that he
    needs some help? Can he keep it up after he gets it up?
    For the most part their conclusions were all the same.
    Their fathers were undeniably bedroom buffoons for
    which the guys had lost all respect.

    They laughed and joked that their dads had long ago
    forgotten that the center of the universe was between a
    woman's legs, if indeed they ever knew. They shared
    overheard arguments and conversations of their parents
    that revealed how unhappy their moms were at the lack
    and prowess of bedroom attention. Without exception,
    something now claimed the attention of their dads,
    which made no sense at all to the hormonal driven boys.
    That fishing, golfing, bird watching and manicured
    lawns were more interesting than mom’s pussy was
    evidence enough to the boys that their dads were no
    longer masters of the bedroom. And now no longer being
    the master of the Master Bedroom, they
    had simply found
    something else more interesting.

    Of all the boys, it was Franklin that best expressed
    their feelings. "Who gives a fuck who has the earliest
    ripe tomato?" This of course was in response to his
    father's zealous interest in early tomato bragging
    rights. It was Franklin's belief that his mother should
    be given all that time and attention.

    The boys’ judgment of their fathers was swift and
    without mercy: their fathers were brain-dead from the
    waist down. One look at their mothers and they
    concluded the bedroom should be the busiest room in the
    house. Typical of young cocks, they crowed that if it
    were up to them, those exquisite feminine creatures
    would continually wear the glow of sex on their faces.
    From their perspective life seemed to play a cruel
    joke. They wanted sex, their moms wanted sex, but
    neither could get any. Dads on the other hand could get
    the sex they could handle but just turned it down.
    And it wasn’t right.

    From as early as Gary could remember his mother had
    been the focus of his attention. When younger it had
    been her sparkling eyes and beautiful smile, but now
    that he was older and his mother had matured, it was
    her raw sexual magnetism. Now as an older male with
    friends, Gary learned that his mother was not his
    fantasy exclusively. Most of his neighborhood buds
    admitted a similar attraction for her. Among the boys,
    Kim was considered to be the hottest. They openly joked
    about fucking each other’s moms, but there was no
    denying that the mom most desired was Kim. While their
    condor made Gary somewhat uncomfortable, in an odd sort
    of way he was proud that it was his mom they most
    wanted to be with.

    Kim Darnell was one of the older mothers. Not overly
    tall at 5’6”, she was an attractive dish-water
    that age had ripened with wide hips and full breasts.
    While some of the moms had prematurely succumbed to
    matronly middle-aged styles, Kim intentionally kept
    pace with the styles, choosing items that would
    accentuate her obvious sultry curves. That she was
    unafraid to show some cleavage or expose a leg kept her
    in good standing with all men. Kim could turn a head as
    easily at forty-two as she did at twenty-two, a fact
    that was not lost on the horny testosterone saturated
    group of seventeen-year-olds. She knew Gary's group of
    friends, and even her son, Gary, fantasized about her,
    and she played to their interest.

    On a warm Saturday evening in late August, Gary’s
    parents, Kim and Mike Darnell, hosted a pre-season
    football social for the team. Anticipation for a
    successful season was high. Several girls were in
    attendance, but the turnout was mostly the young guys
    of the
    team. No one wanted to miss a party, especially
    one that offered a chance to flirt with Mrs. Darnell.
    Guys were eager to see how much flesh she would expose.

    Gary’s father, Mike, was responsible for keeping the
    ice chests stocked with cold soft drinks. At the same
    time, he attempted to keep a cap on the consumption of
    alcohol, a nearly impossible task. Eventually he
    decided to make sure that at least there were no open
    bottles. Mike knew the teenagers would push it to the
    limit, but if he could moderately control the drinking,
    he reasoned he would be a successful host. So he
    constantly prowled the scene scribing mental notes as
    to who was going to need a ride later in the evening.

    Kim ensured there was plenty to eat – a colossal task
    considering that most everyone at the party was a
    ravenous teenager with a more than healthy appetite –
    in more ways than one. A social
    butterfly herself, she
    was more than welcome to mingle among the kids, which
    for the boys was a delight. While there were a number
    of striking girls at the party, the difference between
    them and the older, well-toned mother willing to expose
    herself was more than obvious. The boys followed her
    every move, something that did not escape the attention
    of her husband, Mike.

    Mrs. Darnell didn’t just look good that night; she was
    mouth-watering. When the party began she was dressed
    for the pool, but later in the evening she exchanged
    her black bikini top for a snug, low-cut baby blue tank
    top. In addition to being more comfortable, the absence
    of a bra produced opportunity for her sizably ripened
    nipples to strain against the thin fabric providing eye
    trinkets for the boys. When her son, Gary, fell prey to
    her nipples, his interests only served to moisten her
    not so motherly

    The party was tracking along smoothly so it wasn’t long
    before Mike needed to go to the garage for another case
    of sodas. That trip marked the beginning in a change of
    events. While in the garage Mike heard muffled voices
    coming from the other side of the garage wall. There
    were voices which indicated a couple had slipped away
    from the group and were standing in a secluded,
    shadowed area of the yard.

    After icing the drinks, Mike quietly made his way
    around the corner of the garage to stand in the shadows
    behind a large bush.

    Gary, who had been listening to his father encourage
    him to keep the garage door closed, noticed how
    abruptly his father had ended the conversation then
    turned to walk away. Watching his dad move toward the
    back corner of the yard, Gary felt it odd that his
    father had secretively gone to stand in the shadow of
    the large evergreen -
    unnoticed by most everyone.
    Curious, Gary made a wide circle and came up behind and
    to the right of his father.

    Drawing close but still not close enough to be seen by
    his father, Gary was able to see the figures his father
    was spying on. There was a couple in the shadows toward
    the back of the garage, hidden from most everyone else.
    From his angle, and because of a lack of light, Gary
    wasn’t able to recognize the girl, but if she moved
    slightly he would know as the security light from the
    neighbors would expose her.

    There was no mistaking who the guy was. With a bulk
    like that it had to be Andy Potter. The girl was
    leaning into him, and her hands were all over him. It
    was pretty obvious to both Gary and Mike that something
    juicy was going to happen. Her hand was busy with the
    front of his boardshorts. Gary couldn’t keep from
    grinning as he thought about the shock this girl
    was in
    for. Andy was one of those tall young men that nature
    blessed proportionately. Things on him weren't
    attached, they hung.

    Glancing toward his dad, Gary was interested to see if
    Mike was going to disturb the couple before they got
    down to business. But instead of interrupting the
    lovers in the dark, Gary watched his dad take a more
    secluded yet advantageous position. Mike, now a voyeur,
    had succumbed to his own perversion. He was greedy in
    his leering at the tantalizing silhouette of this young
    woman as she prepared to suck a Blue Ribbon Cock.

    Gary hadn’t been able to establish the girl’s identity,
    but when she leaned back to push her top up so Andy
    could get to her tits, he gasped. The cock hungry girl
    that had so eagerly been rubbing his friend's cock, the
    girl that had proudly jerked her top up to expose her
    big, beautiful tits was his mother! And he continued to

    gawk as she invited Andy’s busy hands to her delicious

    Surely to god his dad would now charge from his
    seclusion like an angry bull! Surely he would find this
    unacceptable! Surely he would not stand idly by while
    Andy Potter stuffed his big cock in his wife's mouth
    and released a hot load! But when Gary looked his
    father still hadn’t moved. So there they were, father
    and son, standing in the shadows, each massaging
    burning erections while Kim, wife and mother, greedily
    massaged a horse cock of her own. And the fact was
    unless someone interrupted, and soon, his mother would
    hungrily be devouring some young, hard cock.

    Shifting his attention back to his mother, Gary too now
    stared in burning lust at how eagerly his mother rubbed
    and grabbed at Andy’s cock. Andy didn’t say anything;
    he just emitted a low guttural sound – his hips rocking
    back and forth in her
    hands. Rocking himself in Kim’s
    hands, Andy leaned down and kissed the eager mom. The
    kiss was heated but still didn't break the rhythm of
    Andy thrusting back and forth into her busy hands.

    For the two voyeurs, the scene was delicious, but it
    was about to get much better. Things were happening
    quickly yet for some peculiar reason they seemed to be
    in slow motion. As his mother began to tug the
    boardshorts over his friend’s hips, it all happened in
    such a tantalizingly slow way. First one side of the
    garment moved down then the other. When the garment
    moved past the mid-thigh point, the thick, impressive
    cock unfurled into the cool evening air. Quickly then,
    like a small girl at an Easter egg hunt, Gary watched
    his mother seize the half-hard heated piece of drooping
    manhood with both hands.

    All three cocks now dripped generously with the sauce
    of pleasure – Gary in lust of
    his mother, Mike in his
    voyeuristic perversion, and Andy in anticipation that
    Mrs. Darnell at long last was going to fulfill his
    number one fantasy and suck his cock. But it was the
    hot wife and mother that was most pleased. Kneeling
    triumphantly before the tall teenager, she lovingly
    masturbated Andy as if she were handling The Royal
    Phallus. Using all her years of experience on her young
    donor, Kim expertly teased the youthful sausage until
    it was fully engorged and throbbing from the promise of
    soon release. Kim licked her lips anticipating tasting
    the briny elixir.

    "How's that feel baby? Like that? Do you have something
    tasty for me?” cooed the excited mother and wife.

    Andy made no sound, instead he pressed his hips forward
    presenting her with more cock.

    “Ummm, that’s it baby, push that cock to me,” she
    greedily urged.

    "Aughhh," was all Andy could manage.

    Andy was not the only one that was hard. Both father
    and son were now dealing with erections that exceeded
    anything either had recently experienced. As they
    watched this wanton cunt in her unbridled lust prepare
    Andy for sucking, the comprehension that she was wife
    to Mike and mother to Gary set fire to them both. Never
    had they been privy to watch a wife or mother move with
    such aggressive sexual hunger for a young cock as what
    they were witnessing.

    There was no denying that Kim had an interest in sex,
    but that she possessed the fertile sexual appetite of a
    street whore was electrifying. It was a lewd spectacle
    but one that no one wanted to interrupt. She was on and
    all over his cock as if it were a drug. Had husband and
    son been more attentive and sensitive in knowing her,
    they would have realized that she would have sucked all
    three of them there in the shadows if they had

    Andy, now paralyzed, stood stoically as Kim sated
    herself on his young hard cock. While she resolutely
    pulled the sweet fruit from him, all he could do was
    feverishly moan, groan and grunt – his fever
    occasionally interrupted by a fleeting thought of

    "Ohhhh!... Goddd!... Yeahhh!... Ummm!...That feels so
    good!... But!...Unnnn!... Really!...Ohh!... Don’t you
    think... Ummmm, Oh, Mrs. Darnell... Ummmm, Do you think
    anyone will miss us?"

    Kim, now over the edge, no longer cared if she was
    missed or even seen. With a Champaign pop, she pulled
    her mouth off the twitching cylinder.

    "You shouldn’t worry at your tender age. Besides,
    ummmm, you feel too good to stop right now. Relax, let
    me take care of this big boy.”

    Gary glared as his mother again eagerly slipped her
    mouth over his friends cock and resumed her blowjob.

    "Such him,
    baby. That’s it, suck him good,” Gary heard
    his dad mumble. The lovers might have heard too except
    they were so preoccupied that soft mumblings would have
    sounded like their own sucking and grunting, so Mike's
    emotional gibberish spillover went unnoticed, except by

    What happened next was what Mike had been waiting for,
    though it shocked Gary. Gary watched as his friend
    grabbed his mother by the hair and began to fuck her
    mouth. Andy had taken over and was now forcefully
    holding his mother’s head as he fucked the meaty shaft
    in and out. As the Darnell boys listened to wife and
    mother choke and gag while being rammed with cock, Gary
    wondered if his father would now finally step in. Or
    would he continue to watch the gyrating hips of this
    young seventeen-year-old as he force fed his wife cock?

    Gary literally staggered at the sight of his mother
    eagerly griping Andy’s
    upper legs to hang on during the
    thrusting. Never, not even in his porn videos, had he
    witnessed such a blowjob. Powerful fantasies danced in
    his psyche as he frantically found himself wanting to
    fuck his mother. And that his father was watching like
    some gleeful pervert was outrageous. Had this hot cunt
    been his wife, Gary would have rushed in long ago, torn
    her from this young lover and inserted his own
    throbbing cock in her mouth. Yet here they both were,
    erect, dripping and in rapture as they watched mother
    and wife do everything humanly possible to suck the
    come from his friend.

    "Ohhhh! Mrs. Darnell! Ummnn! Goddd! I can't hold it..."
    Andy gasped while his hips now involuntary bucked.

    Gagging and choking from the repeated ramming, Gary
    watched his mother encourage Andy. Pulling off for
    another breath, she grunted: "Of course you can't baby!
    I don't expect you to!"

    Then with a throaty chuckle and cough, still trying to
    catch a breath, the cock-hungry mother darted her head
    under Andy's waving cock and gave his balls a quick,
    loud suck.

    "You know what I want, Andy! I want to taste you so
    don’t hold out on me!”

    Her voice, no longer tender and pleading, now sounded
    more like motherly instruction to a 5-year-old. Then
    again she set to siphoning on the cock. She didn't know
    it, but Gary was now in complete awe of her. He had
    always wanted sex with his mother, but now it was his
    burning life’s goal. He wanted his mother to suck his
    cock! He wanted to feel her hot, wet pussy swallow his
    throbbing cock! He wanted to be the Master of the
    Bedroom so that she never again felt the ache of
    neglect! It was evident to him, the stars were properly
    aligned, his mother, Kim Darnell, liked and wanted sex!
    Hell, she needed it! They both

    "Unnnn!...Unnn!...Goddd!...." Andy groaned, his hips
    bucking into Kim's mouth.

    Gary glanced again at his worthless dad but wasn’t
    surprised at what he saw. He had earlier decided that
    Mike was one of those men that enjoys watching his wife
    get fucked by another man. If that is what excites him
    he wondered, how he would react if that were his son
    instead of Andy that his wife was sucking. What none of
    the three men knew was that if Kim only had one choice,
    she would prefer to be sucking her young son.

    Gary’s thoughts of his dad were exorcized when his
    mother excitedly proclaimed, “Ummmm, that’s my baby.
    You’re close, honey. Let it go.”

    Tightening her grip, Kim firmly hurried her strokes.
    Andy jerked and trembled as she stroked and kissed his
    cock. Though she knelt in front of his powerful frame,
    she controlled him with little effort. Oh, how great a

    ship is steered by only a small rudder.

    Catching her breath, Kim wrapped both hands around him
    and sucked the swollen head while keeping her steady
    rhythm. Gary noticed himself softly moaning. He could
    clearly see the outline of Andy's mushroom shaped knob
    bulging through his mother's sunken cheek, and he
    immediately stiffened his resolve that someday she
    would suck him with
    the same fervor and need. Someday it would be his cock
    that his mother would kiss and lick.

    "Ohhhhh!....Unnnnn!...Aughh!..." the football star
    grunted as the tsunami of emotion – pain, pleasure and
    come begin to churn it’s way upward. Andy tensed as he
    tried to fuck his huge cock into the cunt-woman that
    knelt before him. The briny lava flow had begun and
    soon like a scalding geyser would spew. But he stood
    helpless – unable to prevent the experienced forty-two-
    year-old wife and mother from
    harvesting the cream.

    Kim knew exactly what she was doing. She moved her head
    back and continued to suck on just the head of the
    pompous erection. With eyes sparkling up into his, she
    put her tongue back to work, flailing away at the
    sensitive underside of his swollen knob. At the same
    time she jacked the rigid shaft back and forth in
    scorching rhythm. Smiling, she knew the inexperienced
    young man couldn't resist expert stimulation for very
    long and wasn't surprised when in only moments he
    involuntarily quivered, jerked and frantically moaned
    as the pain and pleasure of ejaculation tore at him.

    "Mrs. Darnell!” He loudly gasped in alarm, no longer
    able to whisper. “Augh! Oh, my Godddd! Ugggh...!” He
    then tightened his grip on her hair and held firmly as
    his body cycled through eruption after eruption of hot
    sperm. And hungrily she drank her reward, softly
    purring in

    “Ummmm,Ummmm,” Kim moaned in satisfaction as she firmly
    held her mouth to him and greedily sucked and swallowed
    and sucked and swallowed the thick, hot cream.

    Gary, watching it all, gasped and wilted. With one or
    two rubs of his own cock, he would fill his pants. And
    what about his father, Gary wondered? Why had he stood
    quietly in the shadows and watched his beautiful wife
    hungrily suck a seventeen-year-old cock? Why had he not
    interrupted and brought it to a halt? Why had he stood
    stroking himself while another man tightly gripped his
    wife’s hair and vigorously fucked and filled her mouth?
    Was he really the family cuckold? Is that what his
    mother had exposed? It would seem so!

    It would take some getting accustomed to, but yes, that
    is what Gary concluded had happened. And if so, then
    his father not only would watch his wife suck the cock
    of his son, he would
    also watch while her son fucked
    her to orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. He would watch
    while she was pushed over the kitchen table and mounted
    from behind. He would watch and listen to her wanton
    screams of delight as she was repeatedly fucked in the
    master bedroom. He would listen to the smacking of
    sweaty flesh against sweaty flesh. He would watch her
    legs encircle her son, her tits ravished, her hips buck
    in need and her pussy squish with juice! Yes, Gary
    reasoned, his dad had this coming to him!

    "Augh, augh, augh!" the big, lanky youth continued to
    groan as the geyser now reduced itself to a dripping.
    Not a drop had Mrs. Darnell missed.

    "Oh my Goddd," Gary heard his dad moan as Mike
    mercilessly whipped his own cock.

    Andy, now spent, was reduced to soft grunts and groans,
    while Gary proudly watched as Mrs. Darnell, his mother,
    sucked and milked him for his final offering.

    "Ohhh, Thank you, baby,” Gary and Mike heard her say.

    Mrs. Darnell, ever the kind and gracious host, kissed
    the drooping cock and balls. Thinking Andy might have
    produced another drop, she again returned to give the
    cockhead one last lick. Andy moaned and leaned weakly
    over onto the fantasy mom. Still unable to tear his
    eyes away from her gaze, he stared at Kim while she
    lovingly held and gave his cock a few final kisses.

    "I’m going to have some more of this later,” she curtly
    said. “But we better get back; I’m sure someone has
    missed us by now,” she stated.

    As she rose to her feet Kim pulled up the boardshorts.
    He was a lovely young man and deserved much more of her

    “Andy, next time I want you to fuck me,” she said.

    Gary retraced his steps back to the party. When he
    learned no one had missed him he relaxed. It wasn’t
    long until his
    dad appeared and began arranging cans in
    the ice chest. Soon Kim was again mingling with the
    youngsters and feigning embarrassment as the boys
    continued to flirt and stare at her now overly ripened
    nipples. She giggled in schoolgirl fashion and blamed
    it on the cool evening air.

    After a respectable amount of time, Kim slipped into
    the house, poured herself a large glass of wine then
    proceeded to the picnic table sitting in the corner of
    the yard, which at the present was unattended. Gary,
    still aglow from watching his mother, very much wanted
    to be near her. He noticed when she reappeared from the
    house with a glass of wine that she made her way to the
    family picnic area in the corner of the yard. With
    everyone now gone and Mike delivering the last of the
    inebriates, Gary grabbed a soda and made his way to his

    “Mom, I just wanted to thank you and dad for having

    everyone over tonight. I know we are all a lot of
    trouble at times, but I really do love you. I really
    do, mom – more than you will ever know.”

    His words dripped with passion like thick, sweet syrup.
    Unable to fight off his desire to hold her and
    overwhelmed by hormones, Gary stepped to her, put his
    arms around her and pulled her to him.

    Though his statement surprised her, it also warmed her
    all the way to her already heated core. Still yet hot
    and needy, the mother decided to take the risk by
    gently moving toward her beautiful son and softly but
    firmly pressing her hips to him.

    “Sweetheart, I love you, too, and I want more than
    anything in this world to bring you pleasure.”

    As Gary held his mother to him snugly, her breasts and
    full hips ignited the visual embers that lay just
    beneath the surface. The swelling of his cock would not
    be denied but neither would
    he pull away from her.

    “Oh, mom,” he whimpered as he gently pushed himself
    between her legs. He wanted to let the words of passion
    pour out so she would know how he felt – how he had
    always felt, but they just wouldn’t come.

    “It’s OK, sweetheart; momma understands.”

    Kim then gently, as if adjusting her leg because she
    was uncomfortable, moved to open her stance allowing
    the hard cock of her son to press more fully and firmly
    between her bare legs. It felt natural and good for
    them both. Gently then Gary began to ever so slightly
    lift his crotch to her, getting more excited and harder
    with each passing minute.

    Realizing it was only a matter of time before her
    youngster ejaculated in his boardshorts, and no longer
    willing to keep him at arms length, Kim moved her son
    to sit on top of the picnic table. She then seated
    herself on the bench between his legs - one
    on each
    side of her.

    “Gary, move up to me a bit, honey. Just a bit more,
    babe. There, right there. Now just relax, and let mommy
    do the rest.”

    There in the cool of the evening Kim pushed up the leg
    of his boardshorts and teased out a very hard and
    excited cock. With the tenderness that only a mother
    can demonstrate toward her own, she slipped her mouth
    over Gary’s cock and pleasured him while he groaned,
    praised and told her without shame how much he loved
    her - that he would always be there for her.

    And watching from the shadows next to the house was


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