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  1. Wife Screwed Under Blanket
  2. anniversary surprise from my wife
  3. Wife Fuck Young Guy in Front of Husband
  4. Hot Jamacian holiday
  5. Caught by the wife #1
  6. Wife Packs Lingerie for Business Trip
  7. The Day My Inferior Became My Alpha, Before He Cuckolded Me
  8. Canadian Indian GF Surprised with a BBC Bull! With Pictures!
  9. Shouting Andrew's Name Behind the Hotel Room Door
  10. Your wife reveals what she has been doing with two young guys
  11. Losing Emily (Part One)
  12. Girlfriend Blows Some Guy in the Bar
  13. Zack the Quarterback vs My Wife, the Principal
  14. After school sex#3
  15. Oblivious Cuckold: Season 1, Episode 5: "Hussein"
  16. An Ongoing Stream of Cuckoldry and Bullying by My Wife, My Buddy & the (former) Neighbourhood Loser
  17. After school sex#1
  18. Your girlfriend goes out with another guy
  19. Wife kevin and me
  20. Her first big cock
  21. A guy on the train convinces your girlfriend to give him a handjob
  22. Your girl offers a guy a ride home from the bar.
  23. Be Afraid of Mikey
  24. Busted behind the gym
  25. Wife Makes Out in Front of Husband
  26. Your girl likes to hang out nude at the campground
  27. Wife's arrest#2
  28. Your Buddies Convice Your Wife to Strip for Them
  29. You drop in on your girlfriend unexpectedly
  30. Two Young guys force themselves on your wife
  31. Wife's arrest
  32. Two Guys have been Convincing your Girl to Make Porn for Them
  33. The line up
  34. Party Like a Plutocrat - Ch.1
  35. Your girl catches your buddies looking at porn
  36. finally found a woman who will cuckold me.
  37. A Hot Time in Philly
  38. Wife's Wet Dream!
  39. caught her
  40. My Wife Cuckolded Me!
  41. A Black Guy is Very Forward with Your Wife
  42. Your girlfriend brings a guy friend home from work
  43. Wife goes down on her knees for your rival
  44. Wife is the party
  45. A Shy Friend Surprises Your Wife
  46. A Rival Gets the Upper Hand
  47. Favourite e-books and fiction on cuckoldry
  48. Family Tradition!
  49. Watching her fucking them all
  50. Wife's Friend from Work
  51. Wife performs for me in our pool
  52. my girl bein naughty
  53. Mandy's Hubby's Humiliation Part 1
  54. how i became a cuckold husband.
  55. Can't stop thinking about it
  56. my friend's sex slave....my Indian wife
  57. Experiences with our Cuckold Coach
  58. My Adventure in Rochester, N.Y.
  59. a latino cuckold
  60. Hubby's Night
  61. Need Help with a Story
  62. A Stressed Wife's Affair
  63. A Wife's Newly-Discovered Fantasy
  64. My Christmas Present
  65. rival from work
  66. Pimp Zee Pimpin' White Wives
  67. what time will she get it?
  68. 57 too many?
  69. hen night
  70. one of my fav
  71. When Hubby Joins In ... Part 1
  72. Needy Wife
  73. Voyeured my wife
  74. She said it would never happen
  75. A Ten
  76. quick question
  77. first new cock in 18 years of marriage
  78. Nancy Cheating Wife
  79. Sleeveless Jacket
  80. wife infidelity complete
  81. Except: Cuckold Orgy
  82. Locked Out
  83. A Black Master novel
  84. He said I could Eat, and MAYBE Fuck his Girlfriend
  85. Mary, the nurse at the plant
  86. My second time
  87. My accidental initiation
  88. The Ugly Valentine
  89. Power Failure
  90. Blurring the line
  91. The Hostess
  92. just gotta tell our secret story!
  93. Testing my wife's fidelity
  94. Ball busted and cucked!
  95. Great cuckold and T&D stories
  96. Holiday Shock
  97. Mail Call!
  98. Fucking Your Girlfriend Three Ways by James DiGiovanna
  99. My husband Bill's story (True)
  100. My story, (True)
  101. Her one condition (fiction)
  102. Johnny Just Come
  103. The Neighbor's Son Comes Home From College
  104. jamica
  105. Discovery of a MILF pt 1
  106. Good Things Come In Small Packages
  107. Foreign Customs.
  108. A Husbands Humiliation
  109. Lost
  110. Welcome to the Family
  111. Caught and the Consequences
  112. Party- flirting with bar tender
  113. Helping out.
  114. thirteen
  115. new cuck
  116. Another "Waiting" Story -- Re-post from old forum
  117. "First Time Waiting" -- re-post from old forum
  118. Lost my favorite story!!
  119. Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  120. Lost favorite cuckold stories
  121. Story fromt the Kristen Archives
  122. "Story" found on Craigslist
  123. A story I found
  124. Story: Family cuckold
  125. Story Sister In Law
  126. Story
  127. Doing Research: Is My Dick Big Enuf?
  128. George helps out
  129. a story i hope you all will like.
  130. The cuckold club part 5 the reception
  131. Cuckold Chastity Story
  132. Pittsburgh Cuckold Story
  133. Quiz for the Knowledgable!
  134. Our first MMMF
  135. Guest in the House
  136. It all changed
  137. Alyx Takes Lover (complete Story)
  138. Alyx Takes a Lover Part I (Mascarasnake)
  139. A Husbands Humiliation
  140. Meant to be
  141. A cuckold is seduced
  142. Wifes New Year Party
  143. Wifes New Year
  144. The Liberation of Angela
  145. Pursued Part 2
  146. Favorite Cuckold Story
  147. tried another one - good fantasy
  148. Cuckold question-Am I or Am I Not
  149. wifes friends know
  150. BIG ENOUGH FOR THREE part 2
  151. Turned Into a Submissive By My Step-Daughter
  152. Happy Birthday
  154. Becoming a Bull
  155. Kysa's Cuckolded Husband by Kysa Braswell
  156. My first time eating cream pie.
  157. creampie while it's still hot
  158. Looking for a good story
  159. A woman's point of view
  160. A New Sensation by Kysa Braswell
  161. She Likes Losing (by Kysa Braswell)
  162. The first time - a good time
  163. Out in the open
  164. Cuckold by Impotence and Choice
  165. The cuckold club 4 The cuckold marriage ceremony
  166. The cuckold club part 3 the Proposal
  167. The cuckold club part 2
  168. The cuckold club part 1
  169. Wife's first p2
  170. Treat for wife
  171. The Pleasure of Her Company
  172. Eleanor
  173. My Boss’s Slut – My Wife
  174. My Wife As A Whore -- Parts 1-4
  175. Spying on a Cheating Wife
  176. Cheater
  177. My best taxi ride
  178. Story from Friend in Sandbox
  179. George fucks my wife
  180. Shy Young Wife (revisited) - The View from Danny's Chair
  181. Shy Young Wife (Michael Carlisle)
  182. A Most Private and Painful Pleasure (David Cook)