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  1. Mix of Real Life & Fantasy
  2. New young cuck couple in London looking for advice and chats
  3. New
  4. Design for face-sitting chair
  5. absolutly newbe wants advice how to be cuckold or......
  6. Sex withholding for a young,sexy wife. Best strategies to put her in "cuckold mood" ???
  7. Want to be a bull but penis is too small. HELP!
  8. Newbie scot
  9. Should I persuade my Wife?
  10. Rethinking cuckolding
  11. advise requested!!!
  12. new to this, trying to get gf to fuck me and bbc. Tips?
  13. Radical idea!
  14. I want to share my cheating story
  15. She was interested in my fantasy, not much anymore
  16. Help needed - putting it into reality
  17. Getting wife to cuckold me
  18. Need advice - real life issue
  19. Introducing my girlfriend to black
  20. How can I talk to my girlfriend about cuckolding
  21. Wife ashamed?
  22. My cuckold
  23. Confused
  24. can little cocks be painful?
  25. How to start sharing?
  26. Want to be a cuckold
  27. She's not ready yet. Should I share hints with a potential bull?
  28. Can ballbusting have permanent consequences?
  29. Sexyblackwife4bbc
  30. Does she lose interest in you?
  31. Help?
  32. How do I get my wife warmed up to this?
  33. Trying to make it happen
  34. Excited to see my GF in the club
  35. Please give you opinion on my wife
  36. Her Old Classmate !
  37. Please advice
  38. Hot GF
  39. Hi from London First exp feel lots of emotion
  40. Premature Ejaculation
  41. Hi From London
  42. Not sure how to proceed
  43. Getting there
  44. What makes us tick?
  45. Pool Party Whore Help?
  46. New to forum and lifestyle.....have slowly started to do things in this direction
  47. Cuckold To Support My Wifes Career As An Artist
  48. i just want to be told to clean up cum
  49. Unique Cuck Duties
  50. in need of only serious advise
  51. Considerations for couples who want to Cuckold
  52. Nedd some help
  53. We need some input.
  54. wife may. be pregnant by her boyfriend:)
  55. Ultimate Fantasy Ideas
  56. New cuckold
  57. do i stand any chance being cuckolded by her?
  58. Convincing my 28 year old wife to be with other men?
  59. newbie question
  60. dribbling semen?
  61. Wife humiliated by her lovers
  62. Looking for advice
  63. is this a good start
  64. Try to overcome the prude in her.
  65. Made a discovery
  66. Wife has new friend
  67. Reluctant Spouse
  68. New to the forum, and trying to get the wife started
  69. what we should wear to express this new fetish
  70. so close but all ways fall short.
  71. New to the lifestyle
  72. Not sure where to go from here......
  73. Lingerie and other stylish dresscode advice
  74. Advice on New Orleans
  75. From california with a question
  76. Not quite a cuckold
  77. Any recommendations for music during essions?
  78. How I did...need your advices to go further....
  79. Advice for planting idea in her head? Going to vegas soon. Simulate a threesome?
  80. hello everyone
  81. want to turn my wife into a slutwife
  82. New Member Would Like Advice.
  83. first cuckold date in a couple weeks. I'm excited and nervous. what can i expect?
  84. another mans name
  85. need sone insight/asvice
  86. how to get started
  87. Tips for finding a slut gf/future slut wife?
  88. Looking for advice - Cuckold sex acts
  89. Newbie 2 Questions-handjob/creampie related
  90. Persuading the lady to go Black
  91. Starting slow ...
  92. Prank with "bull" went too far
  93. Advice wanted. Infertile male with fiance that wants a kid.
  94. For the submissives out there: a little "guidance"
  95. Can i make this happen?
  96. need ideas
  97. over stepping the mark?
  98. Advice from A Closet Cuckold
  99. newbie - advice and opinions
  100. New here, wannabe getting closer / Advice Needed
  101. getting the wife curious for bbc shes kept a strip club secret
  102. My Story/Advice Needed
  103. BBC Cuckold Fantasy
  104. New to cuckold
  105. Self-sabotage
  106. Advice Needed
  107. disgusted with my wife
  108. Help convincing wife to let her boyfriend impregnate her
  109. First time - Looking for advice
  110. How can I get her to do this?
  111. Getting started - any tips/hints much appreciated.
  112. Advise: Turning afantasy into the real deal
  113. cheerleading?
  114. Need Advice
  115. Asking your wife to confess
  116. Has anyone ever "snapped out of it"? Or tried to? Or wanted to?
  117. Cuckolding is out, but maybe MMF?
  118. Afraid to open my mouth again
  119. Help
  120. She wants what !?!?
  121. Ideas for Cuckold Punishment
  122. a emoutional rush from the humiliation of your husband watching you ?
  123. Advice for bulls?
  124. Advice for first time cuckold
  125. Want to introduce gf to friend.
  126. Leaving the room..
  127. news cuck-think I'm close
  128. gifts
  129. Any Advice
  130. think i am on my way
  131. Shouldn't be that difficult in Hawaii?
  132. Advice Please
  133. convincing my girlfriend
  134. Advice for a Wannabe Cuck
  135. coaxing her to start again
  136. Dazed and Confused
  137. Ideas for long distance Bull relationship?
  138. girlfriend will force me to be a cuckold but I need help =[
  139. Black woman white husband, he wants to be cuckolded?
  140. Advice to a newbie
  141. New from SC
  142. Help getting wife into sharing
  143. before or after?
  144. beginner cuck
  145. How can I encourage my wife to go further with cuckolding?
  146. I'm wanting to go to the next level
  147. Help me plant the seed with an email
  148. Little white lies - and differing expectations
  149. wife denies both of us
  150. Cuckold??
  151. Found out wife has kept a photo of her ex BF's big cock.
  152. Relationship, hot wife-cock advisor, mentor, coach needed
  153. How I got my wife into cuckolding
  154. Getting wife to cheat in Vegas
  155. I need some good advice regarding my black friend and my wife
  156. Kickstarting My Fantasies Again
  157. How to make a Fantasy into Reality?
  158. Confused....
  159. What should I expect?
  160. Bisexual aspects to cuckold
  161. Question for Cuckwannabes about being alone while wife is out
  162. Cuckwannabe experiencing the cucky feeling
  163. After years of hoping, it may finally happen.
  165. Looking to dip my toe into cuckolding.
  166. There are real life examples for long and good cuckold relation?
  167. Making a Hotwife
  168. Interested in Becoming a Bull
  169. Hoping she'll cuck me with her black ex-boyfriend
  170. Maybe closer
  171. london wannabe cuckold wants to know whether im satisfying my wife
  172. Dad a cuckold too?
  173. curious wife / HELP
  174. Getting Bulls Cum out of her pussy
  175. I heard the magic words....now what?
  176. Convincing my girlfriend to play
  177. Ride The Roxbury! Subway Trolling for cuckolds
  178. Wife cheating ?
  179. never thought I'd hear
  180. How do I make sure I will not loose her ?
  181. Wife added a NEW dimension to cuckolding.
  182. Another man, another father
  183. Want wife to fuck other men
  184. The Dream
  185. Revisit old ground?
  186. Progress....I think?
  187. Help, is my GF a candidate for this lifestyle?
  188. Photo Rating Site?
  189. a slow time for my wife?
  190. Where do I start...
  191. How likely is this?
  192. Real Estate Wife
  193. 'Doubling'
  194. Need steps to cuckold my wife
  195. new to this
  196. giving up on reality, keeping with fantasy
  197. anklets?
  198. Advice for a newbie please!
  199. If anyone has any advice Id greatly appreciate it.. Im kinda at a dead end?
  200. just a question
  201. Bringing my GF to a strip club...questions
  202. Wife to be trained as a slut
  203. Vasectomy - Yes or No?
  204. Wife Wants to Deliver Revenge Cuck
  205. Want my wife to cuckold me
  206. How to Get Her Interested?
  207. Terminology? Cuckold/Wittol, Hotwife, Bull etc
  208. Maybe baby steps
  209. new to this
  210. Been posted a thousand times probably
  211. Ideas for pictures?
  212. Good idea for easing into watching?
  213. new to this
  214. ex b.f. calling for wife
  215. She is so close, how do I get her to go all the way?
  216. I want my shy wfie to be seduced in real.
  217. Travelling cross-country while in a CB - anyone do this or is it all fiction?
  218. thoughts anyone
  219. Cuckolds and jerking off
  220. Do you really want this??? dude, f'ing seriously can you handle it
  221. How do the bulls on here increase their load??????
  222. How to choose the perfect bull for first timers?
  223. Idea for Re-Entry
  224. Ideas and techniques for CBT anyone?
  225. Anyone Use "Are YOU Interested" on Facebook
  226. Sex Butler
  227. collection of cuckolding information
  228. Enforced Diet for a chubby cuck
  229. Don't give up
  230. One for all the cucky's!
  231. The Difference
  232. Question on serving your hotwife
  233. My confession
  234. Way we are here
  235. Most Sexual Perfume
  236. Questions to Bulls (or Lovers of Married Women as i like to call them)
  237. Respectful, Loving Cuckolding
  238. How do I talk to my girlfriend about my fantasy? Pleaseeeee
  239. How do you transform your wife/gf into a porn star cock sucker?
  240. Hotgirlfriend to HotWife plan - thoughts?
  241. Advice on Digital Video camera
  242. Advice from bulls needed....
  243. Bar Room Trolling
  244. She knows what I want and now I think she is telling me I am going to get it.
  245. Strange feelings - anyone help me describe them?
  246. Please help I need advise.
  247. Best thing about being a cuck
  248. Cuckolding her
  249. Alpha BULL's initial requests
  250. Close to the deed - wife worried about the moment afterwards